Lucy Downes

Lucy Downes was brought up in Bishop’s Stortford. Currently she is studying for a BSc degree in Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

Lucy is a member of Divest Parliament, XR East Herts and the People’s Vote campaigns.

Lucy stood in the recent East Herts District Council Elections for Bishop’s Stortford Central and Bishop’s Stortford Town Council in South Ward.

Lucy Says:

“I regularly sign petitions, write to the paper and email Mark Prisk. Yet, this has left me rather unsatisfied with the current, local political activity and I am keen to bring a new dynamic. I am politically active and passionately believe that we can achieve a better future on an individual and national level to protect our environment. I have shown my capability for this role. I have worked with Divest Parliament, XR East Herts and the People’s Vote campaigns. I have keenly participated in respectful debate with other political groups.

Our parliament needs greater representation from the voices of our diverse population. This will lead to better policies and decisions for the country. I believe I can connect with younger voters to inspire others to become more politically-involved through my example of what can be achieved.

I strongly support:

  • better travel routes for walkers and cyclists;
  • more recycling of food waste;
  • more education on climate change;
  • establishment of return deposit schemes for plastic bottles;
  • greater access to buses; and
  • the development of sustainable housing.

I am happy to speak up and vote on behalf of the younger generation. We do not have a voice in government at the moment.

I believe in preventative measures rather than short-term fixes. The Constituency of Hertford and Stortford needs change.”